Quinoa Way™ is a brand created in 2014 that caters to the retail consumer that is looking for healthy alternatives to their daily diet without sacrificing flavor.

Our story begins with the 10 years of experience that Aplex Peru (our parent company) has as a processor/exporter in the bulk wholesale market of pulses and grains. We continue to export quinoa in bulk to our importers and distributors in over 35 countries.

We strongly believe that our heirloom Andean Grains will be an important part of the world diet very soon. In this context, quinoa is without a doubt a rising star and is the main inspiration for our product line.

Quinoa Way is headquartered in Lima, Peru which is where our office and food processing facility are located. We also manage another facility in Puno that is dedicated to the pre-washing, cleaning and grading of quinoa which will then be used as a raw material for our products.
We have our own R&D department which continually works on new formulas and products that we will launch in the near future.


We know its difficult to find healthy products that taste good, specially on a vegetarian or vegan diet. This is why we have made it our mission to focus on creating flavorful products made with Andean Grains which are an excellent nutritional source. In order to do this we use the best quinoa directly from our farmers located in the peruvian highlands. We are proud to say that the result is a sustainable business model that is benefitting both our customers and farmers.


All our quinoa comes from the Puno region in Peru. Through our partnerships with a local NGO we are working closely with the quinoa farmers in this region to give them the technical support they need in order to grow quinoa organically.

This is done with the outmost respect for the environment, social responsibility and with a multi-tiered approach since there are programs in place to promote food safety, nutrition and education aside from the actual farming program.

All the quinoa we use is 100% natural and has been pre-washed to remove saponin, a protective inherent coating of quinoa that acts as a natural insecticide.


We are HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certified, which is a systematic preventive approach in order to provide food safety during the production process from any biological, chemical and physical hazards. Our HACCP system is applied on all levels, from the production process to packaging and distribution.

We are also working to comply with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) food safety standard which is already recognized as the highest global standard for managing food safety.

All of Quinoa Way’s products are Kosher certified.


We are open to build partnerships in which we can process our product line under the brands of our importers and distributors. We also welcome the possibility of working together on new formulas tailor made for the needs of your clients.